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Here’s another song I recently uploaded to my main page. Since you guys liked “To Be United After Death” so much, I figure you’ll like this too. I’m a computer now btw

Here’s another track I recently put up on my main soundcloud. I posted it awhile ago when it was on my backup soundcloud.  You might notice this one sounds a little different than my normal stuff. 

It felt like the other side of something

I was fine until the sun came down

And I counted all the light I wasted

I was so cruel to it

Winter daylight always left me bitter

Waking up late always kept me cold

And I counted all the days I wasted

I was so cruel to them

You wrote words on me that you didn’t know

In a language that I don’t know if you spoke

And when I shouted them out at you, you played along

you were so good at playing along

the more that you see me in my natural habitat

the more that I get anxious that

the tolerance you have been stockpiling

will get used up much too fast

the other side of the coin felt like nothing

not detached and not that far away

and I counted all the chances wasted

I was so cruel to them

Another recent upload to my soundcloud. This is a song that started out as a poem and I tried very hard to stay strictly on-theme for the whole piece and I think it is does an okay job of eliciting a mood. Shout outs to phaser. 

I’ve got a hole that I dig in the backyard
Whenever I’m digging, I’ve got my eyes down
And I don’t look over my shoulder - - 
It’s not progress I’m after
So much as the having it done

I’ve got a pit that I dig when I’m thinking
It’s got its own set of obstacles
And I can feel when I’m approaching the bedrock
Before I make contact
By the sound of my thoughts

I’ve got ropes in the basement I use in a pinch
To tangle myself up until I calm down, because
I’ve got panic that settles in my arms’ upper muscles
That clench when I’ve got shovel in hand

I’ve got a dig site that’s made from my history
A smattering of artifacts under some sod
And if I was patient and slow with the brushes
My introspection would pay off
But a hammer will suffice for the job

Here’s another song that I uploaded to my Soundcloud yesterday. This is part 3 of Unrelenting Self, “Participant Observation.”

The narrator who fakes his own death in the first two songs of the EP must now deal with his self-exile in the wake of his actions. I was inspired by a paper by M. A. Peters called “Wittgenstein as Exile: A Political Topography,” which analyzes Wittgenstein through a self-exhilic lens. Wittgenstein took a faux-anthropological approach to it, likening it to be a participant observer in a new culture. 

The narrator is stumped by his continued loneliness and by the end of the song, he chalks it up to having misconceptualized the ideas put forth by the intellectual giants that he admires. He has to make a conscious effort to change more than merely the scenery. 

I cleaned up my main Soundcloud page and added 8 new songs that I hadn’t put on there because I had to decide what to delete first. I’ll do a short write up of them on here in the next couple days. 

First up is “Romanticizing Thoreau,” which is track 1 on the Unrelenting Self EP that I plan on eventually recording in a studio. In this track, the narrator fantasizes about faking his own death and escaping into the night— a premise which he couches in intellectual and transcendental terms. By the end of the track, he is determined and this determination carries over into part 2, “Faking My Own Death (In 3 Parts).” 

I wanted many of these tracks to have a more dense instrumentation than what I usually do. There is bass, slide guitar, banjo, electric guitar, and harmonica sprinkled throughout the EP. Many of the songs employ a different structure in the later verses than the first because I wanted to use repetition primarily for theming and not for song structure. I hope that the progressing structure makes it seem more like you are being taken through a narrative, albeit vague. 

This song contains a lot of references to various Thoreau poems/essays/books. Go figure. I won’t go into detail about them here, but you can dig around in the lyrics if that’s your jam. 

If I were to escape into the night
In order to embrace chaos again
I’ll put dreams of living deliberately aside
Or set them on my back for later

And if life is a poem I can’t both have lived and writ
Then what I’m doing doesn’t pass a cost benefit analysis
And honestly I never thought it did

never wanted a lesson to hurt
and I hurt myself more than I knew with those words
and a winter’s walk gave me perspective I didn’t want
but since it arrived I can’t turn it off

and if life’s a poem I can’t have both lived and writ
then what I’m doing doesn’t pass a cost-benefit analysis
and honestly I never thought it did

time to get restless, time to get hasty, time to sketch out a way
I’ve decided how much I’m willing to suffer today

and if life’s a poem I can’t have both lived and writ
then what I’m doing is worse than wasting my breath
I never thought my life made itself prone to purposes
Honestly, I never thought it did.

I’ve got a plan I am keeping to myself

Started it late and didn’t check the weather first

I will preface each phrase with “don’t get your hopes up yet”

From experience I know it will probably rain

I don’t want to wash away

It’s all about patience with me

And I don’t want to waste away

I don’t have a map

And I won’t do the math

And I will deconstruct

All of this as bad luck

And I don’t want to wish away